Oct 30 / Dylan Warren Davis

Palmar Change Project

Example of Change – Swami Veerananda

This pair of handprints belong to a Scandinavian monk following an Indian tradition of yoga.

The first print was taken shortly after taking his vows to become a monk, the second six years later after he had done a significant amount of yoga and meditation.

In the six years between these two handprints the monk assiduously kept up his yogic discipline. The change in his personality during this time was momentous as can be seen by the difference between the two prints.

In the first handprint the hand displays a taut and enforced position. Many of the lines present have a jangled and confused appearance. There are many stressful features and the general clarity of lines is poor. Numerous little ancillary lines are scattered over the palm indicating emotional tension.

The second handprint shows the change that all the discipline brought about in his life. Overall the hand is held in a much more relaxed position. The lines are more clearly defined and indicate that his emotional energy is flowing much more peacefully. Many of the ancillary lines have disappeared from the palm, indicating a release of his inner tension.

A much fuller explanation of all the changes found between these hand prints is found in Chapter 19 of The Hand Reveals.

I want to further explore this phenomenon of the change in the palmar lines. Over nearly four decades of reading hands I have given tens of thousands of readings to people from across the globe. If anyone has had a reading from me, I would love to obtain a recent set of prints from you to compare with the one taken originally.

I would like to document the observed changes in accordance with changes in circumstances that have transpired in the interim time. 

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