The Bay Tree Part 2 in the Living History of Herbal Medicine

  • Dylan Warren-Davis
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Part 2: The Bay Tree
of The Living History of Herbal Medicine

This seminar will take us on a journey to Ancient Greece weaving herbs and their history together to bring you a whole new understanding of herbal medicine.
Join us for Part 2: The Bay Tree

Herbalist, astrologer and alchemist Dylan Warren-Davis will be your guide in Ancient Greece where we will be learning about Hippocrates, the Greek gods of healing and the elements.
Each seminar Dylan unlocks the secrets passed down through generations of herbalists. 

In Part 2 Dylan will be sharing:

  • The Bay tree's links to medicine
  • The history of Hippocrates and the Hippocratic oath
  • The five elements and their correspondences to the different humours
  • How to interpret dreams for healing
  • The four docks to balance the four humours

    ......and more!

Come, be a part of this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the timeless legacy of herbs and their enduring impact on holistic wellness.

Secure your place now and embark on a voyage to Ancient Greece with us.
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Connect with herbs and healing traditions.

What to expect

The Elements as Universal Forces of Life

In this seminar Dylan will be exploring the elements Air, Water, Fire and Earth and how they connect with the four humours:

  • The Sanguine Humour corresponds to Air.
  • The Choleric Humour corresponds to Fire.
  • The Phlegmatic Humour corresponds to Water.
  • The Melancholic Humour corresponds to Earth.

Learn how an imbalance of humours can lead to disease and the four docks that can be used to bring harmony in the body.
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 The Living History of herbal medicine
Part 2: the bay tree

What you gain

This seminar is open to anyone!
If you enjoy learning about Greek gods, which herb is also known as blue dock, what it means if you touch a snake in your dreams and Hippocrates healing process then you will love this!

  • Discover the rich tapestry of herbalism found in Ancient Greece.
  • Learn how the elements connect with the humours and its application in medicine.
  • Connect with the Hippocratic tradition of healing.
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learn from a renowned expert on herbal medicine and alchemy
Lesson series

Part 2: The Bay Tree to the Living History of Herbal Medicine

Join us for Part 2: The Bay Tree and discover it's connections to Ancient Greece in this 8-part series connecting herbs to history.
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About Your Teacher:
Dylan Warren-Davis

The knowledge that Dylan brings to these “Living History of Western Herbal Medicine” webinars is drawn from a variety of different sources and experiences and has been involved with yoga and meditation for more than 40 years.

From the time he first qualified as a medical herbalist with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 1982; having seen the serious limitations of the pharmacological explanation of the way herbs work, Dylan has sought out the metaphysical knowledge upon which the Western Herbal tradition has been based. It was a lengthy journey, spanning several decades of research, through Hermetic, Cabalistic, Alchemical and Astrological knowledge.

Having practiced herbal medicine for over 35 years he is now ready to present the principles of this long forgotten and much needed foundation of the Western Herbal Tradition. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learn more about Dylan:

I am however soaking up and diving in to all the many aspects of ancient wisdom that you have helped open up for me, that are still as so obviously hugely relevant and applicable today as they were then - particularly as some form of opposition to the current seemingly unchecked paradigm of 'reductionism' that appears to dominate our current day worlds of science and medicine.
I was looking for some inspiration to help support the learning and remembering not only of the many medicinal herbs and their healing virtues, without having to slog through endless monographs, but also how these healing virtues can be associated to our individual constitutions and the disturbances with in them that give us our various forms of dis-ease.
In this respect your approach and teachings are really refreshing and hugely enlightening and I am looking forward to continuing on with learning more on these ancient wisdoms as I feel I am just at the start with plenty more 'wow moments' to come!
Carsten sober
or anyone interested in natural health using herbs or “weeds” that grow all around us, then I heartily recommend you subscribe to the brilliant 3-part series on The Alchemy of Herbs by the Medical Herbalist, Dylan Warren Davis. Dylan comes from a long line of herbalists and trained the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. He was taught the virtues of herbs by his mother when a young boy and then combined the use of herbs with astrology following in the footsteps of the illustrious Nicholas Culpeper.
You do not need a knowledge of astrology to follow the information Dylan conveys, but if you do know some astrology, you will look afresh at the common plants growing around you and have some deeper understanding as to how you can safely and easily use them to maintain optimum health. The section on Comfrey or “Knitbone” as it is also known and how it can help with teeth and bone issues was especially interesting. I immediately rushed out to see how my Comfrey plants were doing! A great series and one to tell your friends and family about.
sharon knight
I first met Dylan when I invited him to teach at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine's first ever Canvas Conference in the early 1990's and I am still learning from him nearly 30 years later!
His recent webinar on The Alchemy of Herbs and the Art of Physic was such a helpful overview of Culpeper's Medicine and all the extensive signatures and archetypal qualities of medicinal plants that come to life when taking astrological and planetary observations into consideration. It gives such a holistic and holographic viewpoint of people and plants that makes so much sense and brings a significant degree of satisfaction to comprehending the Cosmic influences on us and our plants, as well as the planet!
Medical Astrology and Planetary Archetypes of Herbs is a welcome adjunct to the evolution of my herbal practice, and I am grateful to have more time to focus on this incredibly enlightening subject area in the last few years. It has significantly enhanced my constitutional assessment of patients and plants and Dylan's continued teaching support has been so important in my attempt to understand more deeply the astrological influences of the plants in Portugal I am encountering now, many of which are not found listed under Culpeper's Medical Writings
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Connect with the living history of herbal medicine.

Understanding our “living herbal history” should inspire a new, more compassionate understanding of medicine, in sympathy and harmony with Nature.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get access straightaway?

Yes as soon as you purchase you can get access to the recording and the slides!

What is the investment?

You can sign up for this seminar for £35 or if you want access to more then the whole series of A Living History of Herbal Medicine is available for only £199 (saving 20%)

How long is the seminar?

The recording is just under an hour and you can watch at your leisure!

What can I expect?

Dylan has a unique approach to herbal medicine combining astrology, alchemy, hermeticism with up-to-date science of plants. This seminar will cover the Ancient Greek influence on Herbal Medicine so you can understand the value and influence of our history in healing today.

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