An Introduction to Cheiromancy

  • Dylan Warren-Davis
  • Open to All Levels
  • Over 7 hours of video content
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn the foundations of hand reading.
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What is cheiromancy?

Cheiromancy is the art of hand-reading in which all aspects of a person's hand are considered in order to gain an accurate picture of their inner nature.

Cheiromancy is distinct from the fortune telling of palmistry.

The word cheiromancy comes from the Greek chir meaning `hand' and manteia meaning 'divination', literally meaning 'divination through the hand'.
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Discover what the hand reveals.

Learn the art of cheiromancy and understand a person's nature through the lines and signs on their hand.
An Introduction to Cheiromancy

What you gain

This course, open to anyone, aims to take the student from having no previous experience to becoming familiar with the rudiments of hand reading.
  • Discover the planetary lines and their meanings
  • Understand how people are ruled by the elements air, water, earth and fire.
  • Learn how to take hand-prints and interpret the palm.
What We Offer

What's included in this online course?

A step-by-step guide

Learn the foundation of cheiromancy and how to apply these skills in practice.

Study at your own pace

Use the self-assessment questions tl

Unique learning experience

10 lessons on cheiromancy divided into four modules

Course contents

About Your Teacher:
Dylan Warren-Davis

Dylan first became interested in handreading whilst a herbal student, from needing to find a holistic diagnostic tool as an alternative the reductionist thinking of conventional medicine. He originally studied the Chinese Buddhist tradition of Mudra & Teso. After 10 years of practicing and teaching hand reading in the Chinese idiom, he became interested in the Western Cheiromantical tradition. He published The Hand Reveals in 1993 as the summation of his Western research. He was subsequently invited to contribute a section on palmistry in the Oxford Companion to the Body, published by Oxford University Press, 2001. The latest 4th Edition of The Hand Reveals was published this year containing further expanded with material derived from the Western Hermetic tradition. Dylan has travelled widely, reading hands and exploring different cultures in Europe and Australasia, for over 40 years.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learn more about Dylan:

My experience of learning and practicing Cheiromancy with Dylan Warren-Davis was profound and fascinating to discover the truths the hand reveals. Dylan has a wealth of knowledge and experience on this subject and sets the course out step by step making it very clear, so each segment is built upon along with the practical experience thus giving a firm foundation.
Not only are the hands, shape, skin texture, lines, etc. looked at but also the planetary connection and symbolism, relating to the body and psyche. The entire structure is seen in the palm like a map highlighting strengths, trends etc. I learned much about myself and, in helping others, helped me too.
I thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend it. It is not about fortune telling. I got a lot more out of it than I thought and it changed my perception in some aspects, broadening my outlook and interests in life.
Sonia Tully
I first met Dylan Warren-Davis in 1992, when a group of us were very successfully taught by Dylan the art of hand reading over a 5-year period. He became a personal friend to all of us, and his help and guidance quickly led us to being able to, pretty accurately, read a friend or stranger’s palm. It was a very enjoyable and informative time.

We were always guided by Dylan’s bible book, ‘The Hand Reveals’. With his tuition and the help of his book, we were able to quickly read palms on our own. I am sure his recent update will be even more helpful.
Cheiromancy - the art of divination by reading the hand - was one of the classical divinatory methods of the Hermetic tradition, but was consigned to parlour games and fortunetelling after the Renaissance.

Dylan Warren-Davis’ The Hand Reveals bids fair to change that once and for all by reviving the traditional lore of Western handreading in all its richness.

Clear, comprehensive, and easy to use, it belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the divinatory arts.
John Michael Greer, author of Inside a Magical Lodge and The Sacred Geometry Oracle

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The course is self-paced with 10 video lessons divided into four modules with self-assessment.

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