A History of Herbal Medicine

  • Christina Stapley
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  • Learn more about the rich tradition of herbalism.
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About this class:

Discover the rich history and evolution of herbal medicine.
From the beginnings of botany, through the development of Greek and Celtic medicine including the Roman invasion and settlement of Britain.
Herbalist and historian Christina Stapley describes Western Herbal Medicine as a river with many tributaries that flow into how we practice today.

In this talk, Christina shares her research on the evolution of herbal medicine with references to Anglo-Saxon leechbooks, Arabic Medicine, Norman influence, pharmacy in the Medieval Period and Paracelsus with Chemical Medicine. The physic garden in Britain, Culpeper and Astrology and finally the changes and developments to herbal medicine in the New World are topics from the early modern period.

Understand the story of plant medicine from pre-history to modern times and learn about the contributions of renowned herbalists and their impact on modern medicine.

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Christina Stapley 

Christina Stapley is a retired medical herbalist with ten years of practice. She now teaches pharmacognosy, materia medica and the history of western herbal medicine. Christina is a member of the Herbal History Research Network, and for many years has tutored practical historical herb workshops. She is a Royal Horticultural Society lecturer and has written three books on growing and using herbs. Christina has written courses on ageing successfully with herbs and edited a book of 17th century cookery and medicinal recipes.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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