The Ancient Art of Indian Alchemy

  • Andrew Mason
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  • Discover a new art of healing.
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About this class:

Join us for an inspiring interview with Indian Alchemy expert Andrew Mason.

Andrew studied Indian Alchemy (known as Rasa Shāstra) in Sri Lanka over 18 years ago and has been practising in ever since.

This is an opportunity to learn more about the hidden alchemical arts of India.

Andrew will be sharing:

  • The philosophy behind Rasa Shāstra and the historical background behind the on-going quest amongst Asian alchemists for immortality.
  • An overview of Ayurvedic principles 
  • The use of metals, precious gems, plants and animal products for healing
  • How toxins can be used as medicines (which will hopefully include some stories about snake venom!)

and much more!

You will have the opportunity to join live on Monday 24th June at 7pm BST to ask questions to Andrew, hear some incredible stories and learn more about this fascinating topic!

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Course Lessons

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason currently lives in the UK but lectures worldwide.
Having completed his training in Āyurveda and Rasa Shāstra he now focuses his energies on cataloguing the practices of ancient medical systems, particularly those deeply aligned with herbo-metallic- mineral preparations.
To date he has produced four volumes of work detailing some of these techniques.
Each of these volumes gives a unique glimpse into the ancient practice of Rasa Shastra, rarely seen outside of India or Sri Lanka.
Andrew started studying holistic medicine 20 years ago and completing his training as an Āyurvedic practitioner in 2006. He then undertook a unique and intensive apprenticeship in the east, learning astrological techniques and the closely guarded processes involved in the manufacturing of ancient alchemical remedies. For more information please visit:  
Patrick Jones - Course author

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