An Introduction to Behavioural Iridology

  • Andrew Mason
  • Open to all levels
  • 5 hours of video
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn to interpret and understand the personality traits written in the eyes.
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Understand yourself and others through the eyes.

Join Andrew Mason, Behavioural Iridologist, and learn how use the iris to interpret and understand someone’s behavioural constitution.
Are you a Thinking type or an Emotional Type of person?

From here, the behavioural model allows you understand your Social Type, what type of career would I excel in, what type of people do I attract into my life etc.

These are just some of the exciting possibilities you can explore in your own irides. 

What students say 

Being a Naturopath who uses the Physical form of iridology in my practice...I had read bits and pieces about Behavioural Iridology so was keen to learn more and Andrew’s course seemed a perfect place to begin. He set the course out fabulously, each week expounding on the previous week's information, and divided the course into five easy one hour sessions which were supported with charts, diagrams, and iris pictures to help clarify which aspect he was teaching that week. Andrew has a very clear and precise style of delivering the information which makes a complex subject easy to follow, so much so that after the beginners course I signed up for the intermediate one! Very good value for money with all that was provided.
Sarah b.
Andrew was exceptional! Not only knowledgeable and organised, but he was encouraging and reassuring.The Behavioural Iridology course exceeded my expectations! Thanks to Andrew's explanations, beautiful slides and fascinating content which kept me focused, I now understand how to approach an iris via the behavioural model and to be honest, sometimes, it’s all what is needed during an iridology consultation. I use this model daily and it gives me satisfaction to know that little more about the person I have in front of me.
CArolyn a.
As an Iridologist trained in the Physical model I had been keen to explore Behavioural Iridology, but hadn’t found any courses that focused purely on this aspect before. Each module is loaded with information which is clearly presented using great info graphics. Starting from the basic concept of the two main personality types, the complexities are gradually and logically introduced, all the way through to the nuances of the key individual iris signs. There are plenty of high-quality iris photos to illustrate, which is so important as of course most of the irises that we see in real life don’t fit neatly into the “textbook” types.  This study has enhanced my skills as a Naturopath, helping me to understand my clients better and finding ways to communicate that will best resonate with each individual. 
Jo B.

What can you tell from the iris?

The iris can reveal someone's personality, strengths and weaknesses. You can see how to relate best to someone, improving outcomes in therapy. The eye can even show how trauma may manifest on an emotional and physical level.
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Learn from an expert

Gain a skill that will improve your understanding of yourself and those around you through the psychology of the iris.

Monica A.

I love Andrew’s approach to teaching and how available he makes himself to his students for questions.
I have done level 1 and 2 of his course and learned so much with his easy to understand explanations of the effects and social types.

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This course is open to beginners and would be especially suited to those with a background in the Physical model of Iridology, but this is not essential.

Why study Behavioural Iridology?

Iridology is a highly useful form of analysis; it is easily accessible, non-invasive and fun to learn.
Both the Behavioural and Physical models of Iridology have a proven track record of use. Behavioural Iridology can be used by health professionals and therapists alike to build patient rapport and help support better health outcomes. This system of iridology is also useful for those wishing to understand more about the human psyche.
The basic principles of the Behavioural model can be learned and applied very quickly, but it is also a rich and power analysis tool.
Behavioural Iridology is also an invaluable tool to help you and or your patients make long lasting changes in health and relationships.

What Will You Learn During The Five Week Course?

This five-week introductory course will take you through the foundation of Behavioural Iridology covering the following topics:

  • How to determine the two core constitutional types
  • How to determine the two primary iris ‘Effects’
  • How to determine the different types of empathic fibre
  • Identify various types of ‘Psora’ and ‘Lacunae’
  • Introduction to the ‘4 Social Types’An introduction to the ‘Expression Ring’

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is the leading (UK) expert in Behavioural Iridology. He has been studying iridology and holistic medicine for over twenty years, completing his training as an Iridologist in 2005 and an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2006.Since 2008, he has been working with the Behavioural model of Iridology and continues to develop this discipline.He worked extensively with Jim Verghis, helping him develop his book Behavioural Iridology (2008), Andrew’s own book on Behavioural Iridology is set to be released early in 2024.Andrew teaches a comprehensive course in Behavioural Iridology from Foundation to Advanced. You can find out more at Andrew's website-
You can also visit his Behavioural Iridology forum on Facebook or Substack for more information.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

You can watch the course as you soon as you sign up and watch the videos at your own pace.

How long will I have access to the course?

You have one year to access all the videos.

How do I access the course materials?

Once you have purchased the course then you can view everything when you log-in.

Want to learn more about behavioural iridology?

Watch this free introductory video here where Andrew Mason explains what is behavioural iridology and how you can use it.
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