How to Value Yourself and Price Your Services

  • Helen Harding
  • For health practitioners
  • 90 minute video
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Create a sustainable income through your work.
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How to Value Yourself and Price Your Services 💪

For health professionals looking to optimise their income and get the foundations right to ensure that their business succeeds.  

  • Would you like to earn a good living as a practitioner?

  • Do you know if you’re charging enough for your services?

  • Do you give away too much for free?
stop struggling, start thriving

Grow Your Business & Help More People

What to expect

How to Value Yourself and Price Your Services

During this 90-minute practical workshop you’ll discover how to address the mindset demons that get in the way of you earning a good living, recognise the true value of what you do, and learn how to price your services properly.
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Feel Valued for Your Work

Value isn’t just about money; it’s also about how you feel about the work you do and owning the difference you make in the world. The work you do to support your clients is too important for you to be struggling to make a living. 

However, the money you earn is directly linked to valuing yourself and you must make sure you price yourself correctly to ensure you can pay your bills and yourself.

How you price your services will make or break your business and a few simple changes can have a dramatic effect on your income. 




How to Achieve 




What we cover in this session:

  • Recognising and addressing the money mindset demons that are sabotaging your success.

  • Creating a positive relationship with money.

  • Understanding the true value of your services.

  • Setting your prices so you can pay yourself and take a holiday.
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Ethical marketing to increase impact & sales
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A Masterclass on Growing Your Business

Learn from Helen Harding, a coach-mentor and trainer who specialises in helping therapists, coaches, and healers find clients, make an impact, and succeed on their terms.
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About Your Teacher:
Helen Harding

Helen is a chartered marketer and coach-mentor, an author, speaker, and content creator specialising in helping holistic business owners find clients, so they achieve the impact they aspire to, and succeed on their terms. Having spent over 20 years working in marketing and business, Helen followed her interest in personal development.

Within four years she’d replaced her full-time job income by working 3-days a week as a practitioner. She knows what it takes to set up and market a holistic business successfully. Helen’s passion for marketing and business never left her, and she recognised that these were the areas, her peers struggled with most.

After 14 years working as a practitioner, Helen retired from her clinical work to focus on supporting other practitioners to grow their holistic businesses. 

Helen helps her clients create their own personalised marketing recipe for success, based on them and the people they help.In her book ‘Your Holistic Business Recipe’ Helen shares how to find clients and build a sustainable business that’s full of integrity.

Connect with Helen on social media: @helenhardinguk
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Step Out of the Shadows And Shine⭐

  • Earn a good living as a practitioner

  • Tame those mindset demons.

  • Value yourself and your business

Frequently asked questions

Is this live or can I watch anytime?

You can watch straight away when you enroll.

What is the investment?

You can sign up for for £15.

How long is the webinar?

It will be around 90 minutes!

What can I expect?

A practical way to determine what you should be charging your clients so you can pay yourself and take a holiday!

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