Vedic Astrology & It's Uses in Medicine

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Astrological practice in India is very old and can be found in many of its ancient texts. The stars and planets were considered an essential part of understand life and karma. References to astrology/Jyotish appear in a large variety of sacred text, from medical, to alchemical and of course, astronomical texts. 

Jyotish is strongly aligned with Ayurveda, with a large amount of astrological material focusing on the origin of - and the manifestation of diseases, as well selecting the most auspicious time to prepare medicines or undertake treatments.

Construction of a horoscope from birth data was another important part of the astrological tradition, and perhaps the one we are most familiar with in the West. Other important areas of astrological analysis included: questioning and election of auspicious times, to undertake important life events. 

In this introductory talk, Andrew will be sharing the most important components of Vedic Astrology, namely the nine planets (with special emphasis on and use of the Moon), the twelve astrological signs and houses. 

You will learn about medical astrology and how Ayurveda and Jyotish can be used in combination to present a more holistic overview in understanding the impact of these celestial upon the human body and these effects might be mitigated or enhanced.

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Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is an expert in Eastern Astrology and Alchemy. He started studying holistic medicine 20 years ago and completing his training as an Āyurvedic practitioner in 2006. He then undertook a unique and intensive apprenticeship in the east, learning astrological techniques and the closely guarded processes involved in the manufacturing of ancient alchemical remedies. For more information please visit:  
Patrick Jones - Course author

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