Plant Protection for the Dark Half with Josh Williams

  • Josh Williams
  • Open to all levels
  • 1.5 hour video
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn about using herbs for energetic support during winter.
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About this class:

As we move into the dark, cold months of the year, it’s a potent opportunity to strengthen our sense of protection and the hedge of boundary that surrounds us all.

Protection allows us to relax into the sleepy months of darkness knowing that the many ills and unknowns of the wild winter will be staved off.For me, feeling protected allows me to rest well, replenish deeply, and prepare for the new year to come.
I invite you to join me for this immersive online presentation where I share plant-centered methods of protection for home, business, body, and spirit.
This visual workshop will includes:
  • An exploration of protection
  • Meeting several of my favorite wintertime protective plant allies
  • Rituals and workings of green protection
  • Wreaths, washes, oils, sachets, and incenses of winter protection/

I even share my favorite Magical Fire Cider recipe with you to help protect your body during the cold and flu season.

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What's included in this class?

Certificate of Completion

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Enroll in this class and watch at your own time and pace.

Learn from an expert

Josh has over 20 years experience as a herbalist and developed the Green Arte.

Course Lessons

Josh Williams

Josh Williams runs a successful clinical practice and herbal apothecary near Salt Lake City, USA.
He works with clients near and far offering in-clinic and virtual consultations at
He is author of two books: Spiritual Herbalism- The Magic and Medicine of the Plants and the Green Arte- The Craft of the Herb Wise.
He is an inspired and dedicated teacher of spiritual herbalism and the founder of the Green Arte tradition with over 20 years of experience, having himself studied under many celebrated herbal elders including Paul Beyerl, Kami McBride, Michael Tierra, and KP Khalsa.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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